2021 Press Releases

Fleet Assist's garage network reaches new EV servicing milestone to coincide with World EV Day 09 September 2021

Vincent St Claire Managing Director
Vincent St Claire, Fleet Assist MD

Fleet Assist is celebrating the milestone of its garage network having serviced more than 30,000 EVs in just 2.5 years as it celebrates World EV Day 2021 on 9 September.

And with its garage network supporting over a million company cars and vans on behalf of its customers it expects these volumes to ramp up quickly in line with 42.4% out of 1.1m registered so far in 2021 being hybrids or EVs.

In a typical year Fleet Assist sees over 860,000 service maintenance and repair jobs being completed by its garage network and expects 2021 to be a record year in terms of EVs being serviced.

Remaining ahead of the changing needs of its fleet customers, Fleet Assist has been growing its EV network capability since 2019, expanding the list of garages approved to work on these vehicle types from 1,614 to 4,000 in just three years.

Fleet Assist's support to help the fleet and leasing industry to adopt a more sustainable transport future adheres to the World EV Day's mantra of asking businesses to encourage the shift towards e-mobility. Fleet Assist is committed to ensuring the move to servicing hybrid and electric vehicles is as seamless as possible for company motorists.

"Over 80% of our total garage network has the capability to service EVs, and with more than 30,000 jobs completed, we are set up to manage the servicing and maintenance requirements of the growing number of EV and hybrid drivers," said Vincent St Claire, managing director of Fleet Assist.

"World EV Day 2021 continues to shine a light on businesses making the change towards electric vehicles, and at Fleet Assist, we are proud to be at the forefront of this change. From a slow start, the shift to EVs is accelerating, and this year alone, we predict our garage network will carry out more than 10,000 jobs on EV and hybrids, which will be a new record."

However, Fleet Assist is not content with just focussing on its network being ‘EV ready' as it is already preparing to become ‘hydrogen ready' to accommodate the future needs of environmentally conscious fleets.

Fleet Assist gets its garage network 'hydrogen ready' for early adopter fleets 01 June 2021

Artist's impression of Hydrogen Refuelling station

Fleet Assist has started to get its garage network 'hydrogen ready' as more fleets look to evaluate these vehicles for the first time.

Its early days so far but already has nine garages capable of working on hydrogen dealers on the 5,100 strong Fleet Assist garage network and has recently received its first call from a company car driver looking to service their car.

Following the recent launch of the new Toyota Mirai Fleet Assist expects the interest in hydrogen to continue to increase and complement the growth of EVs.

There has also been recent news from Stellantis and Land Rover on launching a hydrogen van and 4x4 respectively which has helped it become a talking point in the media in recent weeks as the 'cleanest possible fuel'.

"Following work to get our garage network 'EV ready' over the past few years our next challenge is staying one step ahead of those fleets that wish to operate hydrogen vehicles. We are already working closely with Toyota and Hyundai who currently offer the only two cars available in the UK to get our customers' cars serviced.

"In the short term we expect our network to grow as further franchised dealers come on board to support the new models. Longer term we believe the independent and fast fit garage network will be able to accommodate this as more hydrogen vehicles are being launched," explained Chris Crow, Fleet Assist's head of network.

Fleet Assist has also been talking to the IMI about a formal qualification for garages servicing hydrogen cars as currently there is no stand-alone formal course to attend or qualification on offer. Fleet Assist envisages an equivalent of the IMI Level 2 qualification in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Operation and Maintenance which technicians must have to qualify to join the Fleet Assist EV network.

"Its early days but we have started talking to the IMI about training as we believe hydrogen will become the next big thing alongside EVs as fleets look to continue to reduce their vehicle environmental footprint," said Crow.

Octopus Electric Vehicles appoints Fleet Assist to support the service, maintenance and MOT requirements of its growing EV fleet 01 May 2021

Octopus Electric Vehicles has announced a major contract which sees Fleet Assist appointed to provide its suite of services to help manage their EV fleet.

This coincides with the launch of Octopus Electric Vehicles' new salary sacrifice scheme, called Electric Dreams, which builds on its position as a market-leader in electric vehicles (EVs) and fast track its fleet expansion over the coming years.

Octopus is unique in running an all-electric fleet and has appointed Fleet Assist due to more than 75% of its garage network and nearly 4,000 garages already being 'EV ready'.

"With incredibly low company car tax rates on EVs, demand has never been higher – own enquiries from businesses have risen seven-fold in the last year alone," explained Natalia Peralta Silverstone, Head of Propositions at Octopus Electric Vehicles.

"We appointed Fleet Assist based on its track record of managing a large 'EV ready' garage network combined with its class-leading service booking services and technical expertise. EVs require a different mindset when it comes to servicing and maintenance and this is an integral part in supporting our customer requirements today and in the future as demand continues to grow."

Through Electric Dreams, drivers can save 30-60% off their monthly car costs on salary sacrifice, with Octopus's first clients saving over £10,000 over a 3-year term, while also feeling good about doing right by the planet. Octopus has designed the scheme to be simple and zero-cost for an employer to set up, with brands like Huel and Purplebricks already making the benefit available to their staff.

Fleet Assist's 'EV ready' status means garages qualify by meeting its minimum competencies which includes the technicians having completed, as a minimum, the IMI Level 2 qualification in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Operation and Maintenance and have suitable facilities.

"We have spent a great deal of time getting our network EV ready and we are delighted that Octopus Electric Vehicles has recognised this by appointing us as its network partner. We're delighted to have been selected by Octopus EV - especially with their core focus on customers and giving them great service and look forward to an increasing number of EVs going through our network as Octopus grows its fleet," said Karen Ewer, Fleet Assist's Head of Business Development.

Karen Ewer, Head of Business Development
Karen Ewer, Head of Business Development


Karen Ewer, Head of Business Development
Karen Ewer, Head of Business Development

Fleet Assist is pleased to announce it has secured a three-year contract with RCI Financial Services to support the service, maintenance, and repair (SMR) needs of its fleet of over 12,500 vehicles.

The agreement sees Fleet Assist provide RCI with three key services: service and maintenance network manager, service booking; and technical authorisation. Combined, the three outsourced solutions will provide RCI with consistently high SMR service levels across the UK, a driver booking resource and effective maintenance cost management.

RCI will use Fleet Assist to provide a vehicle service booking facility to direct customers towards its preferred dealer network, as well as help manage SMR quality control and expenditure.

As the financial services specialist for four of the UK's leading car brands: Renault, Nissan, Dacia and Alpine another key factor for RCI's decision was that 80% of Fleet Assist's network is 'hybrid and EV ready'.

Fleet Assist's head of business development, Karen Ewer said: "We are delighted to be partnering with RCI. It is further evidence that our network and service provisions are not only highly regarded by both leasing companies and garages alike but are preparing these industries for a hybrid and zero emission future. We are committed to our focus on supporting the long-term future of the contract hire, leasing and rental sectors."

Michelle Robinson, RCI's customer services director said: "Fleet Assist offered the specific capabilities RCI was looking for and provides a range of solutions that meets the needs of today but will support us in developing our fleet and personal leasing mobility proposition into the future.

"Fleet Assist's comprehensive garage network, the expertise of its service booking offering and technical authorisation team made it a clear winner of our tender," she added.

RCI Financial Services Ltd has a 60-year history in the UK and also offers specialist insurance, as well as wholesale funding facilities for parts and new and used vehicles for its dealer partners.